JV boys knock off Bulldogs 3-2

Junior Ben Lack scored the tying goal and junior Nick Inganna scored two more as the boys’ junior varsity soccer team defeated Melbourne High School 3-2 Monday night at home.

“I knew we were going to win,” sophomore Connor Horn said .”I just thought it was going to be 8-0 by halftime. I wasn’t quite ready for such a weak team to be leading with a few minutes left. Luckily we started trying a little harder once we realized we might lose.”

The game was not as close as it appeared from the final score.

“As a fan in the stands, it looked like we had possession on their side of the field the whole half,”  junior Jared Hayes said. “But when Ben finally had that equalizer, everyone around me was stoked. I think the electricity of the stands is what led us to the next two goals.”

By Matthew Senft-Greenberg