JV boys fall to Edgewood 55-32

The boys junior varsity basketball team was defeated by Edgewood 55-32 Thursday.

“We just played terrible as a team and they outplayed us and outworked us,.” sophomore C.J. Coyle said.

Edgewood kept making their shots, while West Shore couldn’t do the same. And when the Indians missed, they would out rebound the Wildcats. Edgewood also kept arguing with the refs calls and ended up resulting in a technical foul, but not on Edgewood.

“I was sick and tired of those babies whining about obvious fouls,” Coyle said “I was literally defending the [referee], after I got fouled while the kid was questioning the call and throwing his hands up. I may have got in his face a little, but was only telling him that it was definitely a foul. I see the ref call a technical and I thought it would for sure be on him, but nope, it was on me.”

A technical foul means the other team gets to choose any of the five players to shoot two free throws.  While the shooter missed, the Wildcats were still unhappy.

“J.C. [C.J.] was helping the ref, and the ref gave him a tech,” junior Isaac Pierre said. “It felt like the calls just never went our way.”

While the boys are upset, they look forward to the next time they play Edgewood, which also happens to be Senior Night on Feb. 7. They think they’ll be able to get revenge and win.

“We need to not play man. They were beating us with the screens on man,” sophomore Hayden Bramel said. “With that and us having the whole season to work on our shooting, we’ll win.

Junior varsity next plays at Bayside on Monday at 5:30 p.m.

By Bennett Kent