JV boys’ basketball banquet celebrates season

The junior varsity boys’ basketball had one final opportunity to reflect on the recently ended season at its annual banquet. 

“This is my second year in the program and this year’s banquet was much better,” C.J. Coyle (11) said. “Last year the old coach didn’t really say much, he just called us up and we got our certificate, but this year coach [Corry Burton] had something to say about us all.”

As players were called up, Burton shared what he thought of each player. He reminisced on some funny or touching things a player did, something that Burton really thought defined his team.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t have anything written down to say. I kind of just winged it.” Burton said. “But it wasn’t hard at all, I had a great relationship with just about everyone on the team so coming up with something to say was easy.”

However, Burton finished his speech on a down note, announcing that he might not be returning next year due to his strict work schedule. He had to miss work for practices and games and, as a result, likely will not be able to continue as head coach. 

By Bennet Kent