Juniors retake classes online to qualify for early admission

Mistakes from middle school are coming back to haunt students and their chances of enrolling full time at Eastern Florida State College. High school credit classes taken in middle school are pulling down some juniors’ grade-point averages and the requirement to be enrolled full time at EFSC is a 3.0.

In order to qualify for full-time dual-enrollment, junior Isabel Richards is retaking courses online that she originally took in middle school.

“Right now I have a 2.9 so I am redoing Algebra 1 and French 1 so hopefully my GPA will go up to a 3.0,” Richards said. ”It’s very upsetting considering I only have that low of a GPA from high school classes I took in middle school.”

Despite their already busy schedules, these juniors have a limited time frame to retake the classes.

“I have to finish the classes by the end of the year or I can’t do full time,” Richards said. ”I am going to have to work double time at home to get it all done.”

High schoolers are only permitted to retake classes from middle school for EFSC requirements. Junior Casey Ahern is retaking world history.

“It’s a bit stressful trying to finish this class up with my schedule because I have a lot of homework and lacrosse every day after school,” Ahern said. ”I am exhausted from my activities, and I don’t even have time to think about doing my course. My GPA will be just above a 3.0 if I finish my history class with at least a B, so I am determined to finish it especially with lacrosse ending, hopefully, I’ll have more time.”

By Rhyann Martin