Junior Symposium set for Feb. 18

Juniors looking to attending college after high school should consider attending the Junior Symposium, hosted by guidance on Feb. 18. The symposium will offer information on the admissions process, financial aid, essays, and other beneficial advice.

Guidance counselor Dina Dearmin said the Junior Symposium is critical information that every junior and their parents need to prepare for college with advice from colleges and seniors.

“There will be representatives from the state university system, private colleges, and Ivy League to talk about the admissions process, financial aid experts are coming to preview the process, and to teach students and parents the language of colleges, and the English department will give tips on essay writing,” Dearmin said. “There will also be a panel of seniors to talk about their experiences and give advice, and I’m presenting on how to select a college.”

The symposium will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium, following a short PTA meeting.

Dearmin said juniors should work on the admissions process prior to their senior year.

“If you wait till senior year, you’ve waited too long,” Dearmin said. “Juniors need to gear up their applications over summer.”