Junior Class sells t-shirts

Junior Rana Karycki designed t-shirts which will be sold through May 19 as a fund-raiser for next year’s senior class. The shirts cost $10 and it is suggested that they be worn on the last day of school, May 29.

“I don’t even know what they look like but I decided to purchase one because I am thrilled to be a senior next year and I take every opportunity to support the West Shore Community,” junior Kha Duong said.

Junior Jessica Whaley approves of the design.

“I really like the t-shirt design and I think that matching my classmates will be a great bonding opportunity,” Whaley said.

While 90 juniors have ordered a t-shirt, others have decided not to make the purchase.

“I am not sure that the shirt is worth $10,” junior Savannah Wheat said. “I have enough t-shirts.”