Junior Class makes plans for fund-raiser

Junior Class officers have begun to prepare for Match-o-Matics, the annual fund-raiser that helps finance the junior-senior Prom.

“We have to pick the survey we want to give to the students and we’re ordering them early,” Junior Class President Isabel Cheng said.

The Junior Class wants to make sure it doesn’t overestimate the amount of sales to ensure it makes money, not lose money.

“With Match-o-matics, we order them and get them processed,” class treasurer Haley Alvarez-Lauto said. “We are selling them for $3 and whatever we don’t sell we tell the company so they don’t charge us. We get extras fees if we don’t send the surveys back that are uncompleted or unused.”

Keira Coleman (11) said she buys Match-o-Matics every year.

“They are hilarious and lots of people buy them,” she said

Katie Perez (11) said she is looking forward to the reveal.

“I think it is fun to see who you got and talk about it with your friends,” she said. “Plus once everyone buys them you can’t not buy them because you’re really curious to see who you got.” 

The Junior Class will be distributing the Match-o-Matics form after Winter Break in January and will be on sale in the commons area in February.

By Auria Rembert