Junior boys feel Powderpuff pressure

Kelly Batache, Staff Writer

The junior boys have been practicing twice a week for their Powderpuff half-time routine against the seniors, but time is running out.

“The dance was a mess at first,”  junior Sam Leighton said. “It’s finally starting to come together, and it’s really cool to see our hard work paying off.”

Junior Megan Mateosky, one of the choreographers, said there is still much to cover and perfect before the boys perform next Thursday.

“We’ve had to cut practices short and even cancel a few due to afternoon storms,” Mateosky said. “So the other choreographers and I are trying to make up for those loses within the little time we have left to practice.

Powder puff has been scheduled for  Sept. 24, and the money made from ticket sales will go toward funding Prom.