Jersey Mike’s Night to support senior class

The Senior Class is hosting a Jersey Mike’s Fundraiser Night on Wednesday at the Hibiscus location. A portion of the proceeds will go to funding Senior Class events when participants buy sandwiches that day or order for future events between 4 and 8 p.m.

There are other incentives besides supporting the seniors for students to participate in the event.

“There is [an opportunity for a] free prom ticket for all people that come out,” Senior Class President Zachary Zaroogian said. “You have to purchase something and sign your name on the ticket and then we’ll put it in a drawing.”

Senior Class Sponsor Matt Henderson stresses the importance of fund-raisers like these to decrease the costs for seniors to pay for events.

“To lower the price of Project Graduation, to lower the price of prom and things like that,” Henderson said. “There is a certain amount that we need to make and anything over that will help lower the cost of some of the activities.”

By Marissa Scalise