Jazz combo takes ‘A-Train’ to superior rating

Seniors Jacob Booe, River Grace, James Crown, Joel Souchek, Juan Carlos Pascual-Barragan and junior Dominick Delgado earned a Superior rating for their performance of a jazz combo titled “The ‘A’ Train” in Apopka at the State Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment on Friday. It is the first time in school history a jazz combo has received the highest possible rating.

“I went in and had a lot of fun with it,” Booe said. “I wasn’t really concerned about what we were going to get. I just wanted to go in show them what we were capable of, and we succeeded.” 

Delgado also celebrated the judges’ decision.

“I felt pretty good getting a superior,” he said. “I’ve played at the state level before with another jazz combo last year, but we only received an ‘excellent.’” 

By Piper Jenkins