Jazz band swings into new year

Band Director Christopher Houze is helping the band prepare for future events. The group is learning different styles such as swing, funk, rock and more says Houze. The band is also working on preparation exercises, music theory and preparing one or two songs for their upcoming performances.

“We’re focusing on the actual basics of jazz, and we’re working on trying to sound like professionals instead of a high school band,” senior Joel Soucheck said.

Houze is having the group play at the Victoria Landing retirement home as well as preparing for the Barnes and Noble night, both events taking place in November.

Eighth-grader Laith R., a jazz band member, said he enjoys playing at the retirement home and making the residents think back to a time when they were young.

The band is also playing a piece that was composed by senior River Grace titled “In Da Houze,” named after the band director.

“I’ve always like jazz, and I thought by getting better I had to at least write my own song,” Grace said.

Although the composition is still being revised, various members of the band have said they enjoy rehearsing the piece.

By Piper Jenkins