International Fiesta to move to Power Hour

Spanish Honors Society will be hosting a fund-raiser in hopes of getting more students involved in the club. 

“Usually for Spanish Honors Society, we do an International Fiesta which is after school,” club President Hannah Lebeau said. “Usually we have food and we’ll try to do Spanish dancing, but we’ve noticed in the past few years that only kids from the club are coming and not kids from the rest of the school, so we want to try and include those kids.”

To that end, the Fiesta will be held in Spanish teacher Luis Martin’s room during Power Hour on April 30 and May 1, allowing more students to participate in a number of activities.

“We will have arts and crafts and play Spanish music and just have fun and hopefully involve more people from the school community,” Lebeau said. 

Senior Marissa Scalise said she hopes the change will encourage more student to join Spanish Honor Society.

“The fund-raiser will be a great way for the club to increase our presence on campus and to hopefully attract some more members,” she said.

By Krystal Macom