International Fiesta deemed a success


Jenna Franklin

Sophomore Gerard Sola performs with his band.

Spanish Honor Society’s annual International Fiesta showed to be a successful fund-raiser in its members’ eyes. The night included cracking open a piñata and listening to multiple musical performances, capped off by a crowd-pleasing karaoke show.

The amount of money raised by the event is currently undetermined, but club president Lili Tzou believes the Fiesta was successful.

“I thought the Fiesta went really well,” she said. “Everyone really enjoyed the piñata and the karaoke.”

Club member Jenna Franklin was pleased with the turnout and is already looking forward to next year’s event.

“The amount of people that showed up was great,” she said. “It wasn’t dead, but at the same time it wasn’t crowded. It wouldn’t have been fun if the amount had been different. I’m excited to see what happens with the Fiesta next year because I think the club will have more experience and have a better idea of how to prepare next time.”

The night ended with a karaoke performance by juniors Juan Rodriguez and Moses Chavez-Gray as they hoped to wow the audience by singing “Ignition” remix by R. Kelly.

“Overall, [the Fiesta] was fun,” Rodriguez said. “I got to release my emotions on a piñata. [We] were getting bugged all night about doing karaoke. Eventually after a half an hour of arguing whether to do ‘Panda” by Desiigner or ‘Ignition’ remix, we decided on Ignition. We were able to bribe Jeremy Gluck and Diego Ramos into doing it with us, and we went up as the last performance of the night. I’ve got to tell you, it was a fantastic experience. We ended the night with a bang.”

By Auston Gonzalez