How to study for upcoming exams

Between keeping good grades and trying to stay at the top of your game in extracurricular activities, studying for exams can feel stressful. However, despite the sheer difficulty of this time of the semester, there is an easy way to study for exams, according to a blog posting on Harvard graduate Ellen McCammon giving tips on how to study for AP exams.

“The five steps to studying for exams are: establish what you need to review/learn, make a plan, find content review sources, find practice exams and questions and get to work and stay on schedule,” McCammon said.

Along with these steps, students also have to find time for studying within such clustered schedules. This time of year at West Shore is one of the craziest because of the multitude of tests, exams, and assessments that are being thrown at us. One can relate this time during the school year to the likes of drinking from a fire-hose. Sophomore Chloe DeSantis knows this first-hand as she is studying almost all the time between lengthy crew practices and other assignments.

“I pretty much just always carry my review books with me and try to utilize any time I might get after I finish an assignment or when I’m waiting for practice to start,” DeSantis said. “That and a lot of late nights and a lot of coffee.”

By Erik Dearmin