Graduation will have a 1970s vibe

Rain or shine and despite a 7 p.m. start time, a blue sky will make an appearance at the May 24 graduation ceremony at Melbourne’s King Center auditorium. A group of seniors will perform Electric Light Orchestra’s 1977 classic “Mr. Blue Sky” which has been selected as the class song.

“I will be playing lead guitar,” senior Dylan O’Brien said. “I do some chords as well as the guitar solo and what not.” 

O’Brien’s friend Evan Courtney also is in the band and will be singing during the performance. 

“It was our dream to play the song in its entirety and wholeness at graduation,” Courtney said. 

O”Brien said he and the band have set a high bar for performance expectations.

“I hope that they are inspired by the work and effort we put into making it as good as it can be,” he said. “Overall I’m just very excited because we have a really passionate group of musicians who truly want to do the song justice, which is absolutely necessary for a song as legendary as Mr. Blue Sky.”

By Casey Ahern