Grades remain consistent, Webb says

Students have been adjusting to the block schedule for well over two months. A full two terms have passed, and students have recently taken their midterms. The grades have remained consistent even with the changes, according to Assistant Principal for Curriculum Glenn Webb.

“[Students] in fall term one were still getting used to the pacing … but in fall term two it balanced itself out,” Webb said.

This was also the same for the midterms.

“I think [the midterm grades] are pretty comparable [to other school years],” Webb said. “Though we did see differences with e-learners than in person, but they’re pretty comparable.”

The block schedule has not heavily affected students’ grades. In fact, sophomore Jett Russo said the change has helped him.

“Personally, I found it way better and easier this semester,” Russo said. “I’ve been getting all A’s compared to last year where I got all B’s.”

 Russo said the schedule change help him with his midterms as well.

“I think that less classes were a big influence in determining my midterm grade,” Russo said. “I believe the teachers were grading more lenient because of the situation. I feel like I have more time to study for each midterm and do better, and my grades show that.” 

By Hendrickson Ha