Girls’ lacrosse prepares for Edgewood

The girls’ lacrosse team has focused its attention on Friday’s match because it involves longtime rival Edgewood.

“We are having practice after school every day and are also practicing at home in order to improve our skills,” sophomore Audrey Johnson said. “This is my first year playing lacrosse, and I have heard that Edgewood is quite the team, so I am nervous.” 

Sophomore Casey Ahern said practice for the game involves more than drill work.

“We are coming together as a team at practice and doing our personal best,” she said. “We are helping each other out by constructively criticizing, and by pointing out our teammates’ flaws, and showing each other how we can improve our game. As long as we work towards fixing our flaws and try our best, then we have a good shot at defeating Edgewood.” 

The girls understand that beating Edgewood will be no easy feat, but they can work together and they will have a good chance at winning this game.

The home game will be begin at 6 p.m. on the school soccer field.

Chris Sorgenfrei