Girls’ varsity basketball falls to Space Coast

A short-handed girls’ varsity basketball team lost to Space Coast 54-50 in a road game Friday night.

The second, third, and fourth quarters of the game were a constant back and forth. Both teams were warmed up and made their shots. 

“It was the first quarter that got us,” senior Eva Rogers said. “We were still warming up and our shots just didn’t go in, but once we started the other quarters, we were more awake and played really hard.”

The Space Coast team had many good shooters and knew how to break down the defense, according to sophomore Chloe Garoust.

“I think that we can be more aggressive on defense and pressure them more,” she said. 

With three players missing, including two starters, other players had to step up. 

“After the game, I was really proud of the team for fighting as hard as we did, and I know we will beat them next time,” junior Abby Hedrick said. 

With the loss, the Lady Wildcats fell to a 2-1 record. The girls’ varsity basketball team’s next game is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. against Heritage at the West Shore gym. 

By Terianne Quach