Girls’ tennis shuts out Bayside

Sophomore Sarah Bahsoun won her singles match 8-3 to complete the girls’ tennis team’s clean sweep of singles matches at Bayside on Thursday.

“The girl I played today was very consistent and very good,” she said. “It was a tough match mentally because I felt like I was hitting a wall but otherwise it went by pretty smoothly, and I won pretty good. We fought through tough conditions because their courts were made of asphalt but other than that it was all good.”

Sophomore Lasya Damaraju said the team will face tougher competition soon.

“We won all our matches today. We were playing Bayside and they’re not such a strong team. But it doesn’t matter for district seeding because they are only part of the Cape Coast Conference,” Damaraju said. “For the future, I think we’re in good shape. We have to worry about Holy Trinity and Viera, but no one else we’ve played so far has been that good.”

By Zane Sanders