Girls’ soccer ready for season-opener

The girls’ varsity soccer team expects to win its season-opener at Satellite High School on Wednesday.

“I think that it’ll be challenging,” sophomore Palma Russo said. “Since we got to play Satellite during preseason, we know what weaknesses need to work on so that we can beat them.”

Junior Maci Pekmezian also believes her team will win, but that it won’t be a cakewalk. “

I feel excited,” she said. “Satellite is a decent team, so the win won’t be easy. It will definitely be a fun game.”

Russo said victory won’t be the only important thing to take from the game.

”We need to learn what weaknesses we need to work on,“ Russo said. “The coaches normally base our practices on what we struggle with during games.”

Pekmezian said the team is ready to open the season.

“We have been training hard in practice,” she said. “We have been really focused and practicing every day.”

By Mohammad Abdullah