Girls’ soccer tryouts set for Monay

The girls’ soccer season tryouts are scheduled for Monday.

“For this season I hope that the team stays strong and really succeed throughout the season,” Catrina Carl (9) said.

Carl said she has been getting in shape over the summer and during the beginning of the school year in preparation for the upcoming season.

“To prepare for the upcoming season I have trained with my club team and West Shore held some conditioning practices to get us in shape,” Carl said. “[At conditioning] we did running and speed drills and leg and ab workouts.”

While some could not make it to the conditioning at school, most still trained with their club teams and even had private sessions to better their performance.

“I feel like my [fall] club season has got me in peak condition and in good shape but I am still continuing to train everyday in order to be ready for the long high season,” Abigail Watson (9) said. “I have a [private] speed and agility trainer I see three times a week.”

By Cannon Hester