Girls’ soccer ties Viera, ending win streak

The girls’ varsity soccer team played Viera High School to a 0-0 tie Thursday, putting end to the Lady Wildcats’ five-game winning streak.

” I feel we have a great chance to win the next games,” Brooklyn Stellato (10) said. ” We just need to not underestimate anyone and keep playing our game.”

With the tied game, the team sets to accomplish more along the way for the playoffs.

“[We] just need to focus on staying together and communicating better,” Stellato said.

As the team progresses, Coach Jenny Pazderak trains the girls for their games ahead.

“She is very hard on us to make us a better team and goes out of her way to watch the other teams play, so she can see their weaknesses and strengths so that we can set the practices to exposed the weaknesses of the other team,” Stellato said.

The team’s  5-0-1 record has Catrina Carl (9) feeling optimistic.

” Due to the coaching, that is really great. They are helping us get into great shape with their drills against the other teams,” she said. “I feel like we can beat Bayside with the season kicking off to a fantastic start ahead.”

The Lady Wildcats next host Bayside on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

By Tiara Quach