Girls’ soccer adjusts to roster changes

As the preseason games approach, there have been new modifications to the girls’ varsity team due to tryouts and loss of seniors and other players trying different sports.

“Last year we lost seniors and now there are new people including myself, playing varsity this year,” Catrina Carl (9) said.

With the loss of five seniors and Ollie Anderson (11) leaving to play basketball, there have been seven new players added to the varsity team including Carl, Kira Anzalone, Emily Tizol, Lauren Mannix and Lindsay Gill. 

“We just need to get used to playing together and create a good bond to be a great team,” Brooklyn Stellato (10) said. “The team decided we are a competitive team, so we are going to train hard and well so we can become better. Our coach definitely holds us to it.”

As the determination set for the team to be more competitive, the conditioning has become more intense with varying styles of practice.

“The goalkeepers and field players start off separate doing drills and then the groups come together to practice the drills in a more game-like situation,” Stellato (10) said. ” We have a volunteer goalkeeper trainer who is absolutely amazing and is pushing the goalies hard and making us better,” Carl said. 

With these new changes to the varsity team, the team also receives new equipment.

“We also got some new uniforms and bags, and finally the goalkeepers are getting new goalie uniforms,” Stellato said.

Practices currently are being held from 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.

By Tiara Quach