Girls’ cross-country places second

When the girls’ cross-country team lined up against 15 other teams Saturday at the  Sebastian River High School Invitational, few accurately predicted the outcome.

“We were expected to place sixth but the varsity team managed to pull off second with two girls in the top 15,” Coach Julie Hannah said. “I’d say it was a pretty successful day.”

Varsity captain Ashely Hilmes and freshman runner Ashvika Maddikonda placed 13th and 14th overall out of 94 contestants.

With second came trophy which team members carried with them throughout the day Tuesday through Thursday.

“I don’t think the girls’ cross-country team is recognized enough at West Shore, so I think getting the recognition with the trophy was exciting,” senior Sophia Bailly said.

Hilmes said the team has have an “absolute chance” of making it to the state championship race in November.

The girls plan to run a good and competitive race at Cape Cast Conference at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Wickham Park.

“We definitely will emphasize that all runners be at practice every day. We have long-distance practices on weekends and attendance has been scattered,” Bailly said. “Each workout we get progressively faster.”

By Isaiah Turner