Girls’ basketball pounds Satellite 41-17

The girls’ varsity basketball team defeated Satellite 41-17 at home Thursday.

Coach Derrick Hamilton appeared to light a fire under senior Eva Rogers and the rest of the team.

“We pretty much knew we were going to win from the start, but it felt a little different in that we played flat in the first half,” Rogers said. “The second half we played better.”

Hamilton is known for being vocal and enthusiastic during games.

“I want them to feed off of me,” he said. “that’s basically how I was brought up while I was playing ball. If you’re down or up, you’ve got get energy in these players and they need to know that I’m with them at all times, up or down.”

Hamilton said he stresses hard plays and energy over everything else for his team.

“Keep battling, don’t take any play for granted, be the first person to the ball and bring energy,” he said. 

The 4-2 Lady Wildcats next travel Palm Bay to take on the to 6-2 Lady Pirates on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

By Jack Boucher