Girls’ basketball open gyms have begun

Returning players and students interested in participating in girls’ basketball next year are invited to attend open practices in the gym every Tuesday after school until 5:15 p.m.

“At the first open gym we scrimmaged and played games like knockout, which made it fun,” sophomore Tyanna Jeter said.

Jeter has been a part of the girls’ basketball program for four years and said she hopes these practices will help her chances of making the varsity team next year. She also said the practices are also helpful to new girls who are considering trying out.

“It starts getting them in shape for basketball,” she said. “Plus, it shows what the team and coach are like so they can decide if they want to join.”

Sophomore Savannah Hughes said open gym will help the team win more games next season.

“We will improve because we are going to be working together as a group and getting used to each other,” she said.

By Madeleine Coalter