Gift Sawangkum curates art show

For Gift Sawangkum’s senior project she will be curating an art show Feb. 14 to 21 at a local gallery for students at West Shore who wish to join.

“The local gallery is called ‘Off Center Art Center’ and is owned by a good friend of mine, Kyle Heinly,” Sawangkum said.

Artwork is accepted in any medium; artwork for the show was due two weeks ago but Sawangkum will be extending the due date.

“The artwork being displayed follows the theme of growth, youth, and adventure,” she said. “Artists are never on time so I extended the time and if no one submits I am allowed to pick any art from portfolios and show them.”

Sawangkum chose to do this as her senior project because she usually participates in gallery showings.

“I wanted to do something more and actually curate one,” she said. “I also felt like a lot of the students at West Shore are so talented, and that it is important for them to join gallery shows if they are interested in that career.”

The reception time, when all the artists and people come in, is at 5 p.m. on Feb. 14.