French students prepare for Soirée

French Honors Society began making tickets and posters in anticipation for the upcoming Soirée that will be held at West Shore on Nov. 8 from 6 – 9 p.m. Soirée is an annual night where French Honors Society offers students the chance to experience French delicacies and culture. The night begins in the cafeteria, where attending students are served crepes, and ends in the auditorium, where students are shown a French film. This year, the film will be the French version of “Beauty and the Beast.”

“I’m really excited for Soirée, because crepes are not something that you get to eat often,” Publicité Officer junior Shelby Warnock said.

The tickets sold will go towards funding a $500 scholarship for one of the graduating seniors in French Honors Society. This year, the scholarship will be awarded to senior Taylor Morgan.

“Last year, Taylor worked really hard for Festivus and organized a big fundraiser and got people to donate the goods that we sold,” FHS sponsor Jennifer Walker said. “She’s also been an officer for three years.”

Tickets to Soirée will be sold at lunch near the end of October.