French students prepare for Congres

French students finalized their preparations for the annual state Congres competition in Orlando this weekend. The auditions for Congres were in September and October to see who will perform at the event. French teacher Jennifer Walker selected the team of 30 students  for the many categories that students can compete in.

“We have had practices once a week for each category in order to prepare for the competition, students are also spending time preparing at home,” Walker said. “Students this year can win ribbons, prizes, trophies and even scholarships.”

During Congres, a French “Brain Bowl” takes place with scholarship opportunities.

“Jett Morgan is our candidate for this huge study abroad scholarship (the French Government Scholarship),” Walker said. “We’re all hoping he can win. For two weeks the winner has all expenses paid, including the airfare, to stay in France.”

Some of the events that students will be competing in include poetry recitals, oral impromptu speaking, reading comprehension, French 1 play and classical plays.

By Phoebe Theophelis