French Honor Society membership grows

The French Honor Society has gained 30 new members in the last month.  The induction ceremony for all new members will take place today in the Media Center at 2:15.
“I feel like that these members are a great addition to FHS,” sophomore Amy Sainsbury said. “It is really nice to see such a large amount of new people who are interested in the French language and culture joining this club.”
With the recent Congres and the addition of new members in the French Honor Society, some members are thrilled for the future.
“I am excited to see these new faces because it will be interesting to hear more perspectives and communicate with new people,” freshman Sarah Bahsoun said. “[French teacher Jenni] Walker makes this a really interesting club for the new students, especially after a successful Congres this year.”
The French Honor Society is continuing to recruit members.
By Phoebe Theophelis