For orchestra, ‘Millie’ ends on a high note

The spring high school musical, “Thoroughly Modern Millie” debuted Friday night with some unexpected obstacles for the pit orchestra.

“It was crazy because our pit orchestra conductor [band director Christopher] Houze arrived halfway through the show,” junior Tessa Smith said.”He had been at state solo and ensemble for band and for the first half of the show we had [senior] River Grace conducting the pit and [play director Maureen] Fallon on the piano.”

Although the dilema came as a surprise, the actors and actresses alike carried on with the show and finished off with what Smith called a “pretty solid first night”

Junior and ensemble member Piper Jenkins said experience help the pit orchestra build confidence.

“I think once we all realized we could pull off that first show with such an unexpected change,we really were sure of ourselves when it came to giving it our all when performing the next two,” she said.

By Daly Mann