For junior, art is an independent process

In order for Junior Emily Ortiz to be in an art class this year she was placed in Matt Henderson’s seventh-period 3D studio art class while she is taking 2D studio art during that time.

“Basically I’m just practicing my techniques,” Ortiz said. “Whether it be painting, drawing or collaging, I am simply refining my skills. Whereas others in that class are learning how to sculpt and create plaster molds and how to do glazes, and things related to 3D art.”

Henderson seventh period class contains 25 3D students, two AP 3D students and Emily.

“For Emily, it is a portfolio class which she is working on build a portfolio of her work,” Henderson said. “Ideally she would be placed in an smaller advanced 2D studio class where I would have more time to help her with ideas and new processes.”

Ortiz works mainly 2D media including pencil, pen, water colors, acrylics and pastels.  

“I think the most difficult part about working independently is that I can’t really ask for my classmates opinions quite as much because they don’t quite know what I’m doing,” Ortiz said. “But honestly I love working in that class because I get lots of time to do art that I really want to perfect, and Mr. Henderson does a great job of giving me that free range.”

By Olivia Webb