Food for Thought

Walter Wilinsky , Staff Writer

After Hurricane Irma, Brevard Public Schools announced that students can receive free lunch through Oct. 20. The Florida Department of Agriculture is covering the cost a er the state declared Brevard County a major disaster. The district’s 74,000 students are able to get free lunch, but staff members are not.

“I feel like it could be really helpful to those hit really hard with the hurricane,” sophomore Chris Johnson said. “But also unnecessary because we were hit harder by Matthew last year and they didn’t do anything.”

The announcement applies to all public schools in Brevard County. Joy Salamone, principal of Harbor City Elementary School, sees some benefits.

“Our families are not as stressed,” Salamone said. “We believe that serving most of our students breakfast and lunch has allowed families to spend needed dollars on housing needs. Less stress in the home allows students to better concentrate on school.”