Finding the fitting phone

What do you use, Apple or Android? Do you prefer the App Store or Google Play Store, Safari or Google Chrome,  iTunes Store or Google Play Music Store?

Freshman Luca Sullivan supports Apple because he sees their them as a more reliable company and likes the quality of their cameras.

Sophomore Julien Wakim also likes Apple products and plans to stick with them.

“I am already involved in the ecosystem and getting out of the ecosystem is going to be hard because I already have a MacBook, an iPad, Apple TV and an iPhone,” he said.

Sophomore Olivia Blackwell said she finds Apple’s operating system to be superior and finds communication easier with Apple as well.

Freshman Gabe Brown-Bergtold, on the other hand, prefers Android products.

“I choose Android because I think Apple is overpriced,” he said.

Freshman Surina Venkat also said she own an Android phone partially because of the better price. She also said that her Android phone is reliable and simply works for her.

In the end, the improvement in the quality of phones with both types of software has been clear with newer phones such as the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro driving the competition for even better products to come.

By Dylan Maxik