FCA to serve dinner for custodial staff

To show gratitude toward the school’s custodial staff, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes plans to honor them with a Christmas-themed dinner. Members will serve the dinners in the cafeteria on Wednesday after school.

“It’s a great chance to show God’s love to the custodians and appreciate that they do,” FCA co-President Kyle Caudill said.

Sophomore Jade Norton said she’s looking forward to participating.

“I love events such as dinners where we can support the staff for all of their hard work over the years,” she said. “Most of the time the custodians’ work goes unnoticed, which is horrible. The amount of time they put into cleaning is crazy.”

Norton shares her plans for other members of the staff.

“I already have a bunch of other ideas such as having the math teachers measure different diameters and radii of pizzas,” Norton said.

By Leighton Johnson