FCA plans service project to beautify campus

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group of Christian student athletes dedicated to service projects and Bible study. FCA members are trying to improve West Shore’s appearance with a beatification project behind the art building latter this year.

“This project is a way for us to give back to the community and not only that to bring everyone together as a group and while making the school a beautiful place, ” sponsor Cinsy Krehbiel said

The group has a plan for what they want to do to the area.

“The group has proposed to clean up the area and might place a wish tree for students gather and to place their wishes, prayers and outer contemplative thought,” said Krehbiel

The group has teamed up with NAHS to get the project started.

“I think after the project is finished it will be very rewarding to the group and the school,” said Krehbiel

Group leader Taryn Tolle is happy with the idea of doing the first ever FCA service project.

“I think that it’s going to be really cool to get the project done because this is the first time ever FCA is going to get a service project done,” Tolle said.