Farrell set to transfer

Both students and parents are familiar with the voice on their voicemail reporting school announcements every week. But next year, that “Gooo Wildcats!” will instead be “Gooo Eagles!” as Assistant Principal Robert Farrell will be transferring to Central Middle School for a 12-Month position as Curriculum Assistant Principal.

“[I feel] bittersweet, excited for the challenge but not leaving West Shore,” Farrell said. “I hope to gain the necessary understanding to go to the next level.”

Farrell’s goal is to one day become a principal at a school, but first there are necessary background skills to be gained. In Brevard County, school principals must first have been a Dean for Discipline, Assistant Principal for Facilities and Curriculm Assistant Principal.

“For his career path to move forward, he needs a different skill-set of tasks,” said Principal Rick Fleming. “In order for him to get [those skills], he’s moving to a job that will give him that well-rounded experience.”

Farrell’s replacement Catherine Halbuer is the middle school curriculum contact, business partner coordinator, along with being the ninth and twelfth grade dean at Cocoa High School.

“I was honored to be considered for the position at West Shore,” Halbuer said. “I am looking forward to meeting the students, staff and parents, learning about all the exciting happenings and helping the students achieve their goals.”

But with every opportunity comes with its challenges.

“My biggest challenge would be learning the facility, its nuances along with its nooks and crannies,” she said.

Junior Haleigh Boyer expresses her opinion about Farrell’s transfer.

“It’s sad that Farrell is leaving when he hasn’t been here that long,” she said.