F.C.A. gears up for name change

What’s in a name? Apparently for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes quite a bit. At a recent meeting, members discussed changing the club name to something more general.

“I think the name made people feel like they couldn’t join if they weren’t an athlete,” F.C.A. communications officer Dulcinea Olson said. “You don’t have to be involved in any sports to get involved in F.C.A. We are just a group of students that share a passion and devotion to Christ, and we don’t discriminate.”

Junior Joy Oni said some students have been opposed to joining because of the name.

“The name including ‘athletes’ made it sound very exclusive and turned away people, such as my self prior to this year,” she said. “I thought you could only join if you did a sport at West Shore.”

Hopes are high that a name change will have a positive effect on the club’s attendance.

“Taking away ‘athletes’ helps us portray the image that we want; the one that includes everyone and makes them feel welcome,” Oni said.

The name change isn’t official yet, but the group has its hopes set on a more inviting name for what is now Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

By Lorre-Kaye Leslie