Extended Thanksgiving break draws mixed reviews

Leo Esbelin

For the first time in Brevard Public School history, Thanksgiving break was extended to a full week rather than just Wednesday through Friday.

The school announced the change due to a lack of substitute teachers available to cover teachers who are leaving on vacation Monday and Tuesday. 

“Because of this unique year and the fact that we did not have any hurricane days, we decided to give all employees and students the entire week of Thanksgiving off,” School board member Misty Belford said during a board meeting earlier this month. 

While freshman Matthew DaSilva said he appreciated the extra days off, he recognized a downside to the board’s decision.

“Now we have to fit in two days of work,” he said. “But I am fine in putting the extra work” 

Although DaSilva said he enjoyed the extra days off, teachers were given little time to adjust and change their teaching plans. 

“I am not a fan of the whole week off,“ AP History teacher Kirk Murphy said. “If this is something they want to continue, let us know [way] ahead of time so we can plan it and work around it.” 

Murphy said teachers had lessons planned for those two days which had to be pushed back or scrapped all together. 

“I would have had work in all my classes, such as the trade LEQ in AP world, I just pushed that back until we got back,” Murphy said.

Sophomore John Caban said the additional days off allowed him to relax, spend time with family and decorate the Christmas tree.

“I was just really excited to go spend times with my family and get a break for doing homework,” he said, “especially when you are up until midnight, if not later, every night doing homework”

By Leo Esbelin