Exams cast shadow on Spring Break

A later Spring Break could apply additional pressure when it comes to end-of-course exams, which are scheduled to arrive immediately after students and teachers return from their week away from school.

“It’s inconvenient, but we usually have Spring Break earlier,” sophomore Valery Linkenhoker said. “It’ll be stressful to review for the tests and try to have fun with friends at the same time.”

The pressure of studying feels annoying for those who don’t want to spend their vacation working.

“I like that they’re earlier than final exams but having them right after Spring Break will potentially have negative consequences for those of us who don’t want to spend their week of studying,” sophomore Lauren Seifert said. 

But sophomore Auston Gonzalez doesn’t appear overly concerned.

“I’m not too worried about standardized testing,” he said. “The tests are usually pretty easy and haven’t been a problem in the past. I’m more focused on my AP exam this year, so the other standardized tests aren’t a big deal”.

By Alex Nixon