Eighth-graders tagged to play outside

The eighth-grade homerooms recently met outside the soccer field to play Blob Tag, a twist on the traditional children’s game of tag.

“Since we finished the required activities, we decided that we’d have a day where all of the homerooms could get together and interact with one another,” said Angela Feldbush, the eighth-grade homeroom team leader said.

Feldbush said it started with a planned lesson for homeroom called “Blob Tag,” which is like tag except when touched, the players hold onto the person who tagged them so the people tagged get into a large group to tag more people.

“Since a lot of the classes had gone out to play ‘Blob Tag” and had a really good time, we decided that we would let the kids go out and play different games,” Feldbush said.

Some of the games played were tag, duck duck goos, and Simon says.

“[The kids played] all kinds of really simple games so that they could get outside and interact with one another in the fresh air,” Feldbush said.

By Zoe Baun