Early release to move to Fridays

On Tuesday evening, the Brevard County School Board announced that early release Wednesdays will be moved to Fridays starting next year. This new change will affect students as well as teachers.

An argument for changing the early release schedule was how the short Wednesday affected Eastern Florida State College dual enrolled students.

“Short Wednesday’s being pushed to Fridays is going to make ESFC students pretty unhappy,” senior Lily McKnight said. “That’s the day we don’t have class, and it’s going to force people to actually wake up a little earlier. I think it’s a better move though, because depending on where and when you take classes you sometimes can get to school really late, which adds tons of absences.”

Senior Gabe Aragon said the change will negatively affect his routine.

“It could negatively impact my work schedule,” he said. “On full-length schools days, I do not have enough time to finish my school assignments and work a complete shift too. This is due to Wednesdays being shorter, making them one of the few days I could be available to work.”

This change is schedule to take affect in August unless the school board reverses its decision.

By Noah Wundke