Early admission raises concerns for senior class

The rising Senior Class officers, five boys and one girl were announced on April 30. The issue of class officers participating in the early admission program at EFSC was a concern for some students.

“I just think that no matter how many times people say that they’re gonna come back and visit the school and not be detached from the student body, the truth is they’re going to get caught up with what they’re doing at EFSC,” junior Emily Dubec-Hunter said. “It’s going to be really difficult for them to come back and do what they have to do.”

While many of the candidates running for Senior Class were planning on participating in the early admission program, only one candidate elected, vice president Naeem Motlagh, will be spending senior year full time at EFSC.

“I think that being in the early admission program will allow me to have greater time to plan with my cohorts,” Motlagh said. “Since I’m not in class for so long I can come to West Shore when I’m needed and help to make the year as best as it can be.”