E-learners to test in person

E-learners will head back to school to join their classmates for the PSAT on Wednesday due to the importance of the test.

The e-learning option was presented due to the coronavirus pandemic and is the reason many students are staying home.

“I have become an e-learner because I did not want to risk myself, or others getting COVID,” e-learner Alexis Clark said.

E-learner Ryla Underwood agrees

“I chose e-learning because it’s safer, and I’ll have less of a chance of getting COVID,” she said.

Even with many students wanting to stay home, major testing will still be held in-person for all students.

“I understand why they’re making kids go into school for standardized tests, and I’m OK with it,” Underwood said. “Everyone is wearing masks, and, yeah, there are a lot of kids, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to social distance.”

Clark said she realizes the need for major testing to be done in person, even if it means the risk of being exposed to the virus.

“This year I am not taking the PSAT, but I find it understandable to need to go in person,” Clark said. “It is a standardized test therefore it should not be something taken lightly. Being in person almost eliminates cheating.”

By Erin Kohler