E-learners reflect on exam experience

Because of the switch to block scheduling, midterm exams arrived early for all students, but e-learners had to navigate testing away from school.

“Going into this year I was kind of stressed out about being online,” sophomore Hayden Millband said, “However, this far into the year, I am getting used to it, and I actually like it better than regular brick and mortar school.”

Millband decided to stay at home because he has a large extended family, and many of whom are high risk of dying if they get COVID-19.

“I didn’t really have study as much for my midterms as other years, since I only have four classes instead of the normal seven, so it was much less stressful,” he said.

Millband said he was able to relax much more and he was mentally feeling better than other years when midterms came around.

“The combination of being at home, which lets me do whatever I want like eat, and only having four classes really helped me out this year, and I wasn’t stressing at all,” Millband said. “I also liked being at home because I didn’t feel that I had to rush to finish my test, and I could keep working even when all the in-class students are done.” 

Sophomore Adrian Delia said being at home proved to be a plus during midterms.

“I like being at home because I didn’t have to think about anything except my test,” he said. “I could focus more and I think that it really helped the grades that I got on all of my tests.”

By Rylan Runske