Drama students gear up for assessments

More than 70 high school students from West Shore will be judged on how will they sing, dance, act and perform at the Theatre Assessments at St. Cloud High School this Saturday.

Participants will perform in categories such as solo musicals, duet musicals, monologues and dozens more. After they preform, they are evaluated and scored. When the judges score them, they are rated from poor, all the way to superior. The students can perform at least three times in different categories.

“I sincerely hope everybody that goes wins a superior,” drama teacher Maureen Fallon said. “Everybody is working really hard, so I think they deserve it, hopefully, they do as well as they do when they practice.”

Every school from Brevard and Osceola county will be participating in this event, which totals to about 1,500 students.

By Chanel Bailer