‘Deltarune‘ demo draws positive reviews

Toby Fox, creator of “Undertale,” released a demo of his newest game “Deltarune” which involves a world in which choices don’t matter, which is interesting because in “Undertale,” choice is everything.

“I think [‘Deltarune‘] is a really cool new path and a very great game,” senior Emily Lock said.

“Deltarune” has redesigned game mechanics and art, and the game sports more color than “Undertale” in which the battle system is in black and white.

“I was just like really excited overall,” senior Abby Mechachonis said. “I was kind of like interested to see what story or game elements would implement already.”

Fox composed 40 new songs for the game’s soundtrack that is available on Bandcamp.com.

“I was really excited about the music this time too,” Mechachonis said. “I think it’s really good. It has a lot of energy to it. It’s really creative and it just kind of tells the atmosphere of the area you’re in. The music makes you want to explore everything you can expose yourself to.”

Fox posted on TwitLonger how the rest of “Deltarune” has no progress done due to the inexperience Fox says he has in making the game an improvement from his last. Fox wrote in the same post that he does not know how long it will take to create the rest of the game.

“I am ready to wait for this game to come out,” Lock said. “I am so excited.”

By Carlos Zelaya