Dancers to unveil competition routines

The Purrfections dance team  is incorporating special routines into its performances at games in order to prepare for upcoming competitions.

It helps us practice and get in front of a crowd, and to feel confident, and it gives us a little bit of practice because we’re running out of practices for competition,” freshman Maddie Brownlie said. “It gives us some extra time to feel confident about ourselves and go out there and show our coaches to see if we really are ready for competition or if we aren’t.” 

Brownlie said looks forward to testing out the routines.

“I’m very excited because they’re like my favorite and I love them a lot this year,” she said. “I’m in both [dances], and I used  to just be in one. I love the jazz. It’s one of the best and I like it a lot it’s like really cool and personally I’m more excited about competition then I am for games.”

Despite being on the varsity squad, some of the girls aren’t able to be in the competition routines.

“It was probably a good thing that I didn’t compete this year just because I would have been too stressed out and like next year I’ll be ready,” freshman Katie Perez said. “Plus during summer I was away when they learned the competition dances. I love their dances though, and I’m kind of sad I’m not in them when I watch them because their really cool.”

The girls will unveil their competition dances Friday at the girls’ basketball game.

By Ava Bussey