Dancers are ‘Masterpieces’ in motion

Freshman Ava Bussey and sophomore Sydney Eisert are scheduled to perform with dance studio Rhythm in Motion at McNair Middle School’s winter dance concert called “Masterpieces” on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. This will be their first performance of the season.

“I have never performed at this event before but I’m really excited and think that it is going to be a good experience,” Eisert said. “It gives us good practice for our other performances which will be in the beginning of next year.”

Bussey will be in two dances, one jazz and the other contemporary.

“I like the contemporary piece better even though it’s actually from last year because it’s personally more enjoyable to perform,” Bussey said. “Jazz is fun but it can be really tiring especially because we have to wear leggings, a jacket, and sunglasses for this dance so I get really worn out after it.”

This event has a different audience than the competitions in which the girls typically perform as the event is mainly for the students at McNair Middle School who choose to take a dance class in place of gym.

“My dance teacher is actually the dance teacher at the school, so that’s why our dance studio is able to perform at the dance concert,” Bussey said. “The middle-schoolers really like to see us dance because a lot of them just dance at school during their class period, some of them don’t get a chance to see competition dance.”

By Katie Perez