Dance team celebrates its seniors

The Purrfections dance team had its annual Senior Night celebration Tuesday as a way to show the seniors how much their teammates appreciate them.

“It’s is an opportunity to spread God’s love to the dancers we’ve gown up with over the past six years,” junior Lauren Novak said. “It is also a time to show how much we appreciate the upperclassmen and all that they have done for us, from putting on ‘Dance for a Cure’, to giving us pep talks backstage at our competitions. I’ve been blessed to be a part of five Senior Nights, and I always am in awe of the festivities and love that appear. It is sad to think that this was my last time putting on senior night for the other dancers”.

The juniors on the team were in charge of event planning with help from some of the other dancers and their moms.

“What we did was we pooled money from the dancers to get $10 gift cards for each of the seniors,” junior Macie Goldfarb said. “I made like little personalized notes to each dancer just like saying how great they are and how we’ll miss them. I put the gift cards in there and gave it to them, and this morning, Bella Stazzone and I got to school early and went to all the seniors cars and gave them their sashes and they got their crowns.”

The seniors ended up received special gifts from their parents.

“All the seniors were surprised with the gifts that were given from their parents,” freshman Maddie Brownlie said. “They prepared something from just like a past camp we’ve gone to, like a special memory box from stuff that we’ve done in the past for dance team.”